SA Mathematics Challenge

Oakhill took part in the SA Mathematics Challenge earlier this year. The questions are aimed at conceptual knowledge, the application of knowledge in new situations, problem-solving, reasoning, communication and general mathematical thinking. It is important for students to become empowered, independent, creative and critical thinkers. Each question is a challenge and therefore a question solved is an achievement in itself. We are very proud of our 52 students who qualified to go through to the second round, with 26 achieving certificates, and two Grade 6s getting gold!

Gold Certificates

  • Grade 6
    Alexa Fioravanti
    Victoria Still

Silver Certificates

  • Grade 7
    Luke Gebhard
  • Grade 6
    Fay Khengkarnkar, Shane Mack
  • Grade 5
    Arthur Seddon, Jack Thomopoulos, Michael Williams 

Bronze certificates

  • Grade 7
    Breeze Barnes, Carla Dandoy, Erin Fietze, Larissa Gould-Wagenaar, Sina Hespeler, Mark Sturgess
  • Grade 6
    Daniel Arnold, Ella Barker, Nadav Buchalter, Georgia Heyndrickx, Tatum Logan, Josh Loon, Rebecca Pitout, Lucy Rutherfoord, Luc Starkey, Coel Trollip, Cassidy Winter
  • Grade 5
    Adam Hawkins


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