One is tempted to judge a school’s sports performance on the successes achieved and outstanding performances. Oakhill students certainly provide a long list of achievements, enough for a school our size to be proud of, but in reality, Oakhill Prep Sport is so much more.

The excitement on the faces of a group of Grade One’s, shin guards almost bigger than themselves and big multi colored gum guard smiles, waiting for their first hockey practice. Grade Four’s “chests out and stomachs in”, stepping into the big world of playing their first cricket match with a hard ball. Swimming a length of the Oakhill pool for the very first time to the “all round high fives” when a 50m freestyle relay is won. The almost uncontrolable anticipation of the loaded Oakhill bus leaving the school campus and setting off to play an “A” hockey match, to the “content, job well done,” bus returning home afterwards.  A “heavy hearted, well played” hand shake after a loss, to the tears of joy of a hard fought victory. The always present vocal, “sticks down” at hockey and “don’t bunch” at soccer, of a proud supportive parent. Huge relief after a first service hits its mark for the first time after countless misses. The smug smile of a coach as a practised move is executed perfectly. It’s not always about winning, but enjoying!

Oakhill places much emphasis on team sport, but there is more to it than just improving one’s physical abilities, it also offers a microcosm of all the challenges faced in everyday life.  This attitude is best described by a quote from Thomas Hughes book “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”: “The discipline and reliance on one another which it teaches is so valuable, I think,” went on the master, “it ought to be such an unselfish game. It merges the individual in the eleven; he doesn’t play that he may win, but that his side may.”

Summer Sports:

  • Cricket *
  • Swimming *
  • Water Polo*
  • Athletics **

Winter Sports:

  • Hockey *
  • Rugby **
  • Soccer *
  • Netball

Sports throughout the Year:

  • Golf
  • Tennis *

Outside Sports:

  • Equestrian Sport *
  • Surfing *
  • Self-defence **
  • Scuba Diving
  • Life Saving *
  • Mountain Biking *

(*provincial representation, **regional representation)

Sports Awards

At the end of each year, significant achievements are celebrated at our annual IP Celebration. In addition to specific trophies and merit certificates, other sports accolades are awarded. The criteria for these awards are outlined in our Oakhill Prep School Honours and Colours Criteria 

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