Cultural: Music, Art & Drama

It has always been known that the arts are Oakhill’s strength, whether it is drama, art or music. Since 2009 Oakhill Prep has been offering Drama as a school subject as well as extramural drama. These classes are well attended and have grown in numbers the past year.

This year the foundation phase children had the opportunity to take part in a theatre production, Jack in the Box, which included all Grade R to Grade 3 students. The students had the opportunity to act, sing and dance. The production was of a very high standard and was enjoyed by students, parents and visitors alike and showcased the incredible talent we have at Oakhill.

We have also started to take Oakhill’s talent to the community and neighbouring towns. This year, for the first time in a number of years, we entered two students in the George Eisteddfod and the judges were astonished by the quality of our work.

Prep Art

We have a beautiful space in which to be creative at Oakhill School. Light enters; caressing and bouncing off the beautiful green belt and the Knysna lagoon, seeping into a happy art room, stocked with materials and paints of every imagined colour. Young artists find a space at a table inside, or outside on a high stool at cement tables overlooking the forest and lagoon. The furniture is not too precious and messes are made; creativity overflows. All work with effort and heart and creations are admired, cherished, displayed in classrooms and surfaces around the Primary School.

The children at Oakhill School are exposed to a wide range of media and techniques in the Art department. Lessons are provided with the purpose of encouraging all childrens’ developing styles and imagination. They are guided and not prescribed to. All creativity is encouraged.

In the Foundation Phase children often work with topics which relate to the theme of the class, exploring through their own experiences and imagination. Group projects are also included in order to develop inter- personal creative skills.

In the Intermediate Phase, children are taught how to make skilled observation drawings through various techniques. Art theory and history are taught through experiencing different techniques and media which range from fine pencil drawings, bold, scribbly crazy drawings; careful paintings, carefree paintings; lino, potato, wax and other printings, experiments with mixed media (my favourite is a picture created using paint, wax, pencil and pastel); clay and plasticine modelling, 3D statues and figurines; relief work, batik ….. it’s endless. Our school enters many competitions and projects which are inspired by the Eco-Schools and various charities. We participate in the annual Old Gaol Exhibition for Young Artists.

Look out for another “Whole School Art Exhibition” on 7 November 2012, where our children’s’ happy works will once more strike one with their pure joy of creating, contrasting with the intensely studied and sometimes very emotional work of the College students.

Arts Awards

At the end of each year, significant achievements are celebrated at our annual IP Celebration. In addition to specific trophies and merit certificates, other arts accolades are awarded. The criteria for these awards are outlined in our Oakhill Prep School Honours and Colours Criteria 


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