Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3)

In the Foundation Phase at Oakhill the “Joy of Learning” is evident in the happy and engaged little children you will find here. It is a place where our children’s ideas are heard and encouraged, creative and cultural talents are discovered and nurtured, academic skills and knowledge are integrated and implemented, sporting skills are practiced and promoted, individual strengths and passions are celebrated, play is seen as a necessity, self-discovery and exploration is guided, confidence is gently developed and each child is highly valued.

It is a wonderful, warm, vibrant and exciting learning environment, alive with laughter and possibilities… this “Joy of Learning” is enhanced and facilitated by a team of dynamic, dedicated and passionate teachers who are committed to implementing our Learning Programme in creative, inspiring and relevant manner, with a focus on cross-curricular thematic teaching, learning style identification, critical thinking skills and a multisensory approach, ensuring that our children experience confidence, success, support and joy in these vital early years of their learning journey. We embrace the framework of the National Curriculum Statement and the ISASA Early Childhood Development Curriculum as the basis of our integrated, holistic Foundation Phase learning programme.

The Joy of Literacy Learning is encouraged through the implementation of the child-centered THRASS Phonic Methodology and Philosophy. (THRASS – Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) and an individualised, integrated reading programme which incorporates a variety of reading schemes.

The Joy of Mathematics Learning is facilitated through the Singapore Maths system which teaches fundamental computation and number manipulation skills as well as routine and non-routine problem solving in a structured, sequential and developmental manner with a successful learning spiral. This focused system highlights the use of concrete apparatus and active learning, during lessons in order to create positive momentum for the learning of Maths.

The Joy of Life Skills Learning is captured in our CARE Programme (Character and Relationship Education) where our Oakhill value system is presented, explored and discussed and our social and emotional development is nurtured.

The Joy of Learning about the world we live in is taught by means of a socially responsible, relevant cross-curricular thematic approach, underpinned by the premise that environmental awareness and respect are vital in developing an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of our country and our place in the world. Learning is discovery-based and experiential, making use of our beautiful Garden Route surroundings.

The Joy of Music, Art, Dance, Drama and Sport all form a daily, integral part of our learning experiences and are offered by passionate, specialist teachers.

Intermediate Phase (Grades 4-7)

The curriculum in grade 4-7 covers the following learning areas:

  • English First Language
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Mathematics (Singapore Maths)
  • Natural Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Life Orientation
  • Physical Education & Economic Management Sciences (Grade 7 only)
  • We also offer conversational Xhosa and Mandarin

The Intermediate Phase in Oakhill Prep runs a 7-day timetable with 40 minute lessons to improve concentration, productivity and time management and maximize on teaching and learning with an emphasis on cooperative learning. Technology is integrated into lessons with the emphasis on content creation, collaboration and digital citizenship. Collaboration takes place across grades with various projects throughout the year.

Teachers follow a child-centered approach in classrooms, recognizing individual needs, while encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their learning. Academic support is offered in class during lessons but also on a tutorial basis, in support classes after school or on a one-on-one basis with a specialist.

We benchmark ourselves nationally and internationally with pupils in grade 6 writing the IEB Core Skills Tests and the IEB International Benchmarking Tests (ACER).

Learning is not only limited to the classroom. Various camps and outings are organised for each grade throughout the year to enhance the learning experience and allow pupils to learn more about the environment, science, history, agriculture, conservation, leadership, problem solving and adventure thus taking advantage of the garden route and Knysna’s unique setting.

Academic Awards

At the end of each year, significant achievements are celebrated at our annual IP Celebration. In addition to specific trophies and merit certificates, other academic accolades are awarded. The criteria for these awards are outlined in our Oakhill Prep School Honours and Colours Criteria