Outdoor and play

Our daily programme allows for a balance between structured activities and free play and between indoor and outdoor activities. We do believe that it is our responsibility to create extraordinary spaces for young children to play and learn in.  We want young children to discover themselves and the world around them.  We aim to create spaces for children of all abilities to interact with nature as they play and we provide opportunities for children to explore, discover and imagine while looking to appeal to all their senses as they learn.  A focus on eco awareness and education also forms part of our daily approach to learning.

Our outdoor area is a natural playscape and an ongoing project with endless opportunities for play.  You will find sand, mud, hills, plants, trees and water – places where children can experience stillness or places where they can be loud!  Scientific studies continue to show that when children have access to a beautiful environment they have reduced stress levels, reduced ADHD and better behaviour and self-regulating skills.


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