Music, Art & Drama

Visual Arts

The Art Studio at Oakhill is a centre of creativity, offering tuition in both three dimensional media and two dimensional forms of art. Students learn formal and applied methods and are also introduced to modern innovative techniques that allow for personal exploration. At present the Studio offers Graphic Art, Wood Sculpture, Ceramic Sculpture and Painting in both oils and acrylic to College students.

The Studio focuses on drawing skills as an integral foundation for all the arts. At all times the emphasis lies in the nurturing of the creative impetus of the individual and the formulation of an individual style. The Studio exhibits in local art exhibitions as well as the annual IEB practical examinations.


Music is an integral part of the school curriculum. At Oakhill, music and the playing of instruments is enjoyed by all students. The Music Centre provides students with opportunities to explore music in all its dimensions, to acquire theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills with instruments.

The aims of the Music Centre are:

  • To ensure that all students who enter the Preparatory School learn to play at least one instrument.
  • To encourage students to experience the joy of making music.
  • To promote the development of musical interest and talent through individual tuition, ensemble and choral work.
  • To build a sense of self-worth through mastering the disciplines encouraged by Music.

Music as an Extramural activity

Oakhill School endeavours to provide tuition to any student willing to learn an instrument. At present lessons are provided in the following instruments: piano, flute, concert flute, recorder, saxophone, trumpet, woodwind instruments, harp, drums, guitar – both classical and electrical.

The Choir

The Preparatory School choir and the College choir continue to build a solid reputation. The choirs perform at assemblies other internal and external functions such as concerts, festivals and eisteddfods.

The Jazz band and Rock band

This talented group of musicians provide light entertainment at all major Oakhill events and continue to impress on all fronts.

Music as an Academic subject

Music is offered as a subject from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Although innovative, creative and enjoyable, Music as an academic subject is rigorous and requires real commitment. Provided, a student has attained a satisfactory musical level before entering Grade 10, Music may be taken as a Matriculation subject.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are an integral and vital part of the holistic education offered at Oakhill. Through the study and development of movement and voice, students acquire the ability to express themselves physically and vocally with confidence.

In the Prep School all students, boys and girls, take dance classes as well as Drama classes given by specialised teachers. Speech and Drama classes build self-confidence and culminate in theatrical productions in which each child may experience the thrill and the excitement of performing on stage.

In the College, the study of Dramatic Art becomes more formal as texts, both classical and modern, are thoroughly explored, auditions held, and productions mounted. Students are involved in all aspects of production to achieve a synthesis of the visual arts, music, movement and dramatisation. By the time students reach their final year, they are well equipped for the IEB practical examinations.

Arts Awards Policy Document

At the end of each year, significant achievements are celebrated at our annual College Celebration of Excellence. In addition to specific trophies and merit certificates, arts honours and colours are awarded. The criteria for these awards are outlined in our Arts Awards Policy document

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