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First Day Back!

What a joy to welcome the Grade 7s and Matrics onto campus this morning. While all may have been wearing their masks, the big smiles were evident in everyone’s eyes! The pupils were temperature tested, screened and sanitized, and it’s all systems go for this ‘next normal’ back at school.

College Lockdown Challenge

Oakhill’s House Captains have launched their second SRC Challenge this morning – INTER-HOUSE OPEN MIC. This is Oakhill has Talent …. from singing to dance, piano to juggling, everything goes! Pupils have already started submitting their video entries, and we look forward to showcasing the top entries on Friday, 19 June. May the best House […]

Matrics, you’ve got this!

Some of our parents have collated messages of encouragement for their Matric children who are navigating a demanding year through the troubled Covid-19 waters … We salute all our Grade 12s for their patience and determination in weathering this storm, and thank their parents for the continued support.  

Lockdown Sports Motivation

By this time last year, we would have already completed many of our derby days and hockey festivals. In hockey, coaches often use the saying, “You only see obstacles when you take your eyes off the goal”. During these difficult times, it may seem that the obstacles are just too overwhelming, but if we keep […]

The Joy of Giving

Our College’s Interact Club created a video for this week’s Online Assembly. They are very thankful for the Oakhill community’s ongoing support, especially during these difficult Covid-19 times. Their presentation reminds us of the various ways and options available to offer help to those less fortunate in our broader community. Find out more about Interact […]

Oakhill’s TeamSA to face Azerbaijan

Much excitement is brewing as Oakhill’s Team Theory prepare to face Azerbaijan tomorrow in their second international match for South Africa. This follows from their impressive win against Namibia. We wish you all the best for this match guys! Last weekend, our DotA2 team and Clash Royale players also participated in the MSSA Combined Online […]

Wellness Wednesday

An exciting addition to movement and exercise in our younger grades has been the introduction of yoga. From a “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” yoga story on YouTube to Mrs Wolf demonstrating some simple poses, the Foundation Phase children are beginning a mindfulness practice that is sure to not only benefit them during the trying […]

Brightening up lockdown

Our Grade 10 and 11 Visual Arts students have been adding a little colour to the dull lockdown days! They recently got creative with their Colour Wheel Challenge, finding all sorts of interesting objects around the house to make up the colours required for a complete colour wheel. Well done on some wacky and wonderful […]

Life Sciences’ Nature Challenge

The Grade 10 and 11 Life Sciences learners, along with all the Grade 8s, recently took part in the City Nature Challenge. The point of the challenge was to see which region in South Africa has the most biodiversity. Well done to all our students who explored their surroundings and loaded their photos! Collectively the […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Traditionally, mothers would have been honoured at school today with the annual Little Oaks Mother’s Day Tea and the IP Mother’s Day Celebration. These are always favourite events amongst both our teachers and pupils, and of course mothers! As we are not able to celebrate together at school, the teachers thought they would share this […]

Training under lockdown!

Our College hockey players have also been keeping up with their fitness during lockdown. Coaches are regularly posting various challenges and drills to Google classroom, ensuring our teams keep practising and honing their skills. Here a few of them show us how it’s done! Our College netball girls have also been keeping up with their […]

Grade 9 original African masks

The Grade 9s have been busy with an art project and have created some amazing and interesting original African masks! They are now busy with the next step of the project which involves graphic design. This will culminate in a slideshow exhibition of their mask creation process, which we look forward to showcasing soon.

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