Fee Structure for 2019

[ PDF 2020 Fee Schedule ]



Application Fee

Development Fee

R500 per pupil R5 000 per family – Little Oaks
R7 500 per family – Prep School
R15 000 per family – College
Non-refundable and payable with provisional application Non-refundable and payable immediately upon acceptance into the school. Fee will be determined by the oldest child on entry. Returning families will not be charged a development fee.



Monthly Fee
(11 Months)

Discounted Fee

Grade 000 R4 129 R43 375
Grade 00 R4 351 R45 702
Grade R R4 572 R48 029
Grades 1 R7 712 R81 015
Grades 2 – 3 R8 213 R86 281
Grade 4 – 7 R8 487 R89 156
Grade 8 – 12 R10 852 R114 002


Second Child
Third Child
Fourth child or more


Monthly Payment Terms

Annual Payment Terms

11 equal payments from the first day of the first term, then the first day of each month, from 1 January 2020 One payment by 31 January 2020, or your fee reverts to the monthly option
PLEASE NOTE: Payments are strictly in advance. Debit order facilities are available. Interest is charged on overdue accounts at 2% per month. No credit card payments will be accepted for Tuition Fees.


Grade 10 Odyssey Fee

R9 000
per pupil

IEB Grade 12 Exam Fee

R7 115
for 7 subjects
R1 230
per extra subject

Plett Bus from Plettenberg Bay

R1 375
per month
R14 444
annual fee

Plett Bus from Harkerville

R1 100
per month
R11 556
annual fee
Sibling rebates do not apply to the above fees


Oakhill School, First National Bank, Branch Knysna, Branch Code 210 214

Account number 6200 2099 605, Bank Swift Code FIRNZAJJ

 General notes on fees

  • The school reserves the right to restrict admission of any pupil in respect of whom monies to the school are outstanding.
  • A term’s notice, in writing, is required when withdrawing learner’s from the School. A term’s notice will be charged to accounts on immediate withdrawal.
  • Interest will be levied at the rate of 2% per month on all amounts that are overdue by 30 days or more.
  • All payments received will be applied first to the reduction of interest, legal fees and fees in lieu of notice, sundry charges and arrears applicable and then to the reduction of current tuition fees.
  • In the case of a parent, guardian or person responsible for the payment of fees being sequestrated and there are arrear fees, the student’s attendance at the school will be immediately suspended. The student’s continued attendance will be subject to all fees being paid in advance.
  • In no case will the school become involved in disputes within families as the responsibility for the payment lies with the parent, guardian or person responsible who signed the Application and Acceptance form.
  • Although the Board of Governors will always endeavour not to increase tuition fees during the school year, it reserves the right to do so if circumstances require it. Increases in fees can reasonably be expected each year to provide for inflation and other costs.

More Information

For more information, please contact bursar@oakhill.co.za