Statement of Commitment

Oakhill is dedicated to providing its students, through education and example, with as many advantages for their balanced growth and future development as possible.

Our aims are:

  • to provide children with an excellent education that is relevant, stimulating and realises the ‘joy of learning’
  • to equip children with the skills to meet the demands of a continually changing world
  • to enrich children through wide exposure to sport, arts and culture
  • to instill in children a personal code of honour which incorporates integrity, honesty, responsibility, commitment, endurance, tolerance and respect for themselves, for others and for the environment

Oakhill prides itself on integrity and values, and it is deeply meaningful that the 2017 matrics’ farewell gift to the school was a ‘values signpost’ which was installed on the circle at the school entrance.  Recorded on the signpost are ten core values this group associated with the education they received at Oakhill: Joy of learning, mindfulness, responsibility, integrity, collaboration, respect, resilience, perseverance, humility and empathy.

Oakhill Values LR (Copy)

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