Teachers and Staff

In line with school policy, Oakhill’s current academic staff are all academically qualified for the grades and/or subjects they teach. College teachers regularly attend IEB User Group meetings to keep up to date with trends and developments in education policy and methodology. In addition, Oakhill stakeholders have implemented a framework to monitor academic standards and ensure the continuation of Oakhill’s academic excellence.

Oakhill’s “open door” policy means parents may address any concerns to the Principal and staff. Every day is an “open day” – parents are always welcome to visit and consult with teachers, and visiting families are encouraged to spend time on the school campus, with visiting students being encouraged to spend a day or two in their age appropriate class.


20 Years of Service

In 2011, Elna Brown and Barbara-Ann Hayward were the first to achieve the 20 Years of Service Award. In celebration of their milestone, trees were planted to mark the special occasion. In 2014, Caroline Payton and Sharon Brown also received this award.

Non-academic Staff

College Staff

Prep School Staff

Little Oaks Staff