Oakhill provides a well-rounded and exciting sporting experience through a variety of traditional team sports as well as an extensive outside sports programme. Our sportsmen and women are exposed to, and educated in, all of the life skills associated with team sports. Students have the fantastic opportunity of exploring and training in an unbelievably beautiful environment; Knysna boasts some of the most aesthetic and pristine beaches, forests and mountain ranges in the world.

Our professional coaching staff’s primary focus is on providing opportunity through numerous fixtures, holding professional practices with specific skills and goals in mind, developing sporting ethics and promoting a culture of enjoyment through competition. All pupils are encouraged to take part in our extra-mural programme and our extensive inter-house sports competitions. Our ultimate goal is simply for each Oakhill athlete to reach their full potential through a fulfilling sporting experience.

We tour extensively, allowing our young sporting stars the chance to explore our tremendously diverse country and further abroad with overseas tours. Following our three hockey tours to Holland and one to Argentina, we continue to grow sport at Oakhill by expanding our horizons.

Summer Team Sports:

  • Cricket **
  • Swimming***
  • Waterpolo
  • Athletics *

Winter Team Sports:

  • Hockey **
  • Rugby
  • Soccer **
  • Netball

Sports played throughout the Year:

  • Golf***
  • Tennis **
  • Adventure Racing ***

Outside Sports:

  • Equestrian**
  • Surfing **
  • Mixed Martial Arts***
  • Scuba Diving
  • Life Saving
  • Mountain Biking **
  • Sailing***
  • Canoeing
  • Biathlon ***

(* = Regional representation, ** = Provincial representation and *** = National representation)