Odyssey groups are all home

Group 2 2019-03-26 Homecoming (2)

The Oakhill Odyssey 2019 groups have arrived back home, and were joyfully welcomed by family and friends this week! Congratulations to all four groups on successfully completing the “journey of a lifetime!” See the full galleries of photos on our Oakhill facebook and Google photos pages below …   GROUP 1: 5 March – 25 […]

Grade 10 Odyssey 2019

Group 1_2019-03-05_Day 1_Departure (2)

Last week our Grade 10 pupils embarked on their Odyssey journeys! Seven years ago, the current Grade 10s were in Grade 3 when they watched the very first Odyssey group leave the flagpole and head off on their adventure. To mark the occasion in 2012, teacher Debbie Nicoll and the pupils created a banner with […]

Odyssey 2018 Groups Depart

Departure_Day 1_MV (156)

Our Grade 10s embarked on their Odyssey journeys this week!  We wish all participants the most incredible adventure. As encouraged by Head of School, Jannie de Villiers, in his opening address to the pupils: “You are in for a treat! Although you will have to make do without many of the luxuries you are used to, […]

Odyssey groups arrive home!


The Oakhill Odyssey 2017 groups arrived back home towards the end of Term 1, and were joyfully welcomed by family and friends! Congratulations to all the groups on successfully completing the 2017 Oakhill Odyssey. We are very proud of all of you! See the full gallery of Oakhill Odyssey 2017 on our Oakhill facebook page: […]

Odyssey 2017

Odyssey 2017 Group 3

Our Oakhill Grade 10s embarked on the Odyssey 2017 this weekend – with Group 1 leaving on Friday, Group 2 on Saturday and Group 3 on Sunday. We wish all participants the most incredible adventure! Follow their journey with photo and video updates on our Oakhill facebook page: Group 1: 10 March – 30 March 2017 Ava Bendon, […]

Odyssey 2016

z (Copy)

The Grade Tens of 2016 have officially started the 21 day journey of self-discovery! Follow their journey with photo and video updates on our facebook page: Group 1: 26 February – 17 March 2016 Nathan Austin, Matthew Barrett, Joe Bruwer, Sebastian Gent, Sebastian Hampshire, Dean Heyes, Kevin Laughton, Jason Matter, Jean Pretorius, Ntokozo Rwapuluza, Luc van […]

Odyssey 2015 – Group 4 Gallery

Odyssey-2015-Group-4 (1) (Copy)

Odyssey 2015 Updates

Odyssey-Group2-2015 (29)

Whilst it is part of the journey that parents have no contact with their children during the Odyssey, we understand that you as parents / relatives / friends are thinking of them very often and wondering where they are and what they are doing! We will update the galleries linked to the groups below as often as possible […]

Odyssey 2015 – Group 3 Gallery

Odyssey 2015 – Group 2 Gallery

Odyssey 2015 – Group 1 Gallery

Odyssey 2015 Begins

11Odyssey-Group-1-2015 (4)

Today, the first of four groups, embarked on Odyssey – a 21 day journey that is undoubtedly going to be a life-changing experience. Headmaster, Shane Kidwell quoted the Talmud as he addressed the Van Straten Group before wishing them well on their adventure. “Be yourself – But be your best self. Dare to be different and […]