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Letter from the Head – January 2018

[Download as a PDF] 22 January 2018 Dear Oakhill parents and friends Here’s to a prosperous and happy 2018!  In addition to the usual challenges, achievements and the pace at a busy school, the 2017 journey took us through twists and turns of a scale and nature that we could never have foreseen.  Yet, our […]

It Takes a Village …

Zolani Jenteza and his family with the incredible volunteers that refurbished his new home (Copy)

Head of School, Jannie de Villiers, recently wrote a wonderful article for the Summer 2017 edition of Independent Education Magazine. Read the pages below or view online on the ISASA website.

College Celebration of Excellence Address

October 2017 Chairman of the Board, Mr Foyn, and Mrs Foyn, other members of the Board, distinguished guests, parents, staff and College students, I thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you on this exquisite day. On Thursday 7th June, the school day started at 07:40, as per usual, with only a […]

Letter from the Head – August 2017

[Download as a PDF] August 2017 Dear Oakhill Parents and Friends Time In the first assembly of the term, I spoke to the school about time. Nothing new about this theme but it remains one of the most common ‘small talk’ topics of modern people, after the weather and traffic, of course. I am delighted that, since […]

Follow up Fire Letter: 23 June 2017


[Download letter as a PDF] 23 June 2017 Dear Oakhill Parents and Friends I am writing to you with immense gratitude for things that we usually take for granted here at school but also for the kindness and generosity which were the first green sprouts to grow out of the ashes of devastation that was left by […]

Letter from our Head of School: May 2017

[Download as a PDF] May 2017 Dear Parents and Friends Term Two has reached cruising height and velocity, en route to destination mid-year, following its usual turbulent take-off via a few long weekends and public holidays. Although it is not my intention to make my letters too ‘newsy’ (our website shares the Oakhill news very effectively), there […]

Letter from our Head of School: March 2017


[Read newsletter as a PDF] March 28, 2017 Dear Parents and Friends, We have reached the end of a long and full term, which gives us an opportunity to reflect. During the term many people worked incredibly hard to meet the challenges, negotiate the curved balls, solve the problems and keep up with the demands […]

Letter from our Head of School: January 2017

[PDF Download] Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Dear Oakhill Parents and Friends, It is with a great sense of excitement and anticipation that I pen these first few words to you.  The cyclical nature of our existence is so typical of being human.  New beginnings and scary starts tend to cross our paths right through our […]

Headmaster’s Newsletter: Term 4 2016

Download as a PDF October 28, 2016 Dear Parents Today is a good day, a day filled with anticipation, excitement and opportunity. It is the day that our new Headmaster, Jannie de Villiers, his wife Suzanne and their kids, Alida and Jean join us for a visit. As always, with change there is a plethora […]

Headmaster’s Address: 2016 College Celebration

I love the African bush, wherever it may be – Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe or even further up north where I have not yet ventured. But the Kruger Park holds a special attraction, perhaps because I started going there as a small boy and I found that losing myself in the search for some elusive animal […]

Headmaster’s Newsletter: End of Term 3 2016

[PDF Newsletter Download] September 23, 2016 Dear Parents, It has been a frenetic term. Matrics have been focusing on their last set of exams before their finals and the rest of our students have been gearing up for the final push into Term 4. Our Matric group seems focused and determined to ensure they finish […]

Headmaster’s Newsletter: September 2016

Download newsletter as a PDF 29 August 2016 Hope, vision and resilience Dear Parents and community members There is no doubt that our country is at an interesting time in the history of our young democracy. There is a lot happening that we do not quite understand and the political landscape is particularly toxic after […]