Oakhill runs three major camps at the College level; one at the end of Term 1 in Grade 8, one at the end of Term 1 in Grade 9, and one at the end of the Grade 11 year.

The Odyssey, a 21-day adventure in Grade 10, takes place in Term 1 as a highlight of the College outdoor learning experience, which is why no camp as such is offered in Grade 10.

Each camp has a very specific purpose and desired outcome, but is also designed to fit into the bigger picture of holistic education at Oakhill.

Grade 8 Camp

After a few years at the Tube and Axe camp site in Storms River, it was decided to move the location of the Grade 8 camp to Harkerville Forest Lodge. We believe that this venue provides us with the necessary infrastructure to meet the intended outcomes of the camp. The location also gives us the opportunity to incorporate an array of elements into the camp, ranging from environmental to simply fun.

The camp takes place at the end of Term 1 and is a three days and two nights experience.

The purpose of the camp is to gauge the degree to which the grade has assimilated successfully into the College. In this sense the camp attempts to answer the question; “where do we stand as a grade after the first term?” The grade is challenged about how they define Oakhill and their place in the College, and are asked about their vision for the school. Apart from the serious business, we also wish to see the camp as a reward for what has hopefully been a successful first term at the College, hence the incorporation of a strong dose of fun (Adventure Land).

Grade 9 Camp

The Grade 9 camp takes place during the final few days of Term 1, at the end of March. Oakhill has made use of the Ingwe Forest Adventures in The Crags outside Plettenberg Bay for the past few years. The camp takes place over three days and two nights, and includes a hike, kayaking, and a number of other activities.

The main purpose of the camp is to give students some exposure to skills they will need on Odyssey in Grade 10, while at the same time facilitating group bonding activities. It is an opportunity for the grade to socialise in a setting away from school and from the usual academic expectations.

Grade 11 Camp

The Grade 11 camp takes place at the end of the November exams, during the first week of December. Students are transported to the TBi camp site, approximately 30 minutes outside Oudtshoorn in the direction of the Cango Caves.

The three-day programme is organised and facilitated by TBi, or Team Building Institute, a team of professionals who mostly work with corporate clients. The camp has a number of outcomes, which include team building, leadership, problem solving, self awareness, strategic thinking, and much more.

The camp also offers the opportunity for students to try their hand at preparing potjiekos, swimming, hiking, extreme caving, high ropes, kayaking, and enough free time to socialise and enjoy the serenity of the Klein Karoo. Staff members are always at hand to ensure safety and to provide support where needed.

The ultimate goal of the camp is to prepare the students for their final year of schooling at Oakhill and for the responsibilities and duties that are part and parcel of the Grade 12 year. Students are made aware of how others might think and operate differently to themselves, and are given the necessary tools to be effective leaders.