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Magical Ball for Grade 1

Little Oaks Magical Ball 1

A “Magical Ball” to enchant all marked the end of the term for the Grade 1’s in the Kingdom of Oakhill. Dressed in their finest these handsome Princes and beautiful Princesses were announced on the red carpet upon entering the palace. Royalty were delighted by the magical banquet of incredible treats and spoils as they […]

Follow up Fire Letter: 23 June 2017


[Download letter as a PDF] 23 June 2017 Dear Oakhill Parents and Friends I am writing to you with immense gratitude for things that we usually take for granted here at school but also for the kindness and generosity which were the first green sprouts to grow out of the ashes of devastation that was left by […]

SRC welcomes new Grade 8 members

SRC Alexander Emily

Congratulations to Alexander Hunziker and Emily Hemmes for being appointed the Grade 8 representatives on the SRC. They join the 2017 Student Representative Council of Blake Govender, Hanro Hay, Ben Pama, Christopher Lamprecht, Jamie Hattingh, Leila Turner, Emma Stam, Angelina Faria, Luc Van Den Handel, Shaun Riley, Tiffy Lelyett, Scott Armstrong (President) and Anna Reid […]

Festive York Derby Day

York High Derby Day 1

Oakhill College played York High School in a Hockey Derby Day drawing great crowds – particularly well supported by the Oakhill College students. The U14 and U16 games were well matched with some very exciting moments. Oakhill was positively challenged by the York 1st teams showing their skill. Thank you to all the players and […]

Trauma Awareness Letter to College Families


[Download as a PDF] 9 June 2017 Dear College Students TRAUMA AWARENESS “There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper than anything that bleeds.” Laurel Hamilton Remember Oakhill cares. This is such an important time to be kind and patient with each other. As we are all aware, our community is […]

Letter from our Head of School: 9 June 2017


[Download as a PDF] 9 June 2017 Dear Oakhill Parents, This is a follow-up letter to keep you updated on arrangements at school, going forward. Assessing immediate need We have assembled a committee of parents and staff to assess and verify the information on families in immediate need, especially in terms of housing.  We have […]

Letter from our Head of School: 8 June 2017

[Download as a PDF]  8 June 2017 Dear Parents Although no one went unaffected by the horror of the fires, our hearts go out to the many families who have suffered massive losses of homes and essentials. Our most recent record shows that at least 30 Oakhill families have lost their entire homes. As a school our […]

Shannon in Top Two Nationally for Music Exam

Shannon Amoils

Well done to brilliant Shannon Amoils for being awarded the UNISA Hennie Joubert Merit Award for coming in the top two in the country in her UNISA Theory of Music Grade 4 exam!

Weekly Achievements Term 2 Week 7

Mountain Biking Spur Series at Cairnbrogie This past Saturday, Julian Bunge won the Sub-Junior category and has the leader’s jersey for the series going forward. Other Oakhill cyclists also participated in the event, for the first time as a school. Oakhill placed 6th out of 11 schools, in a competitive and tight single track course […]

St George’s Derby Day

st Georges derby day 1

The last weekend in May saw the 3rd annual Derby between St George’s from Port Elizabeth and Oakhill. The Derby started on Friday with all Hockey fixtures taking place, and continued Saturday where rugby, netball and chess were played. It was a fantastic interaction between the schools and we look forward to taking our teams […]

Springboks for Prep rugby practice!

U11 to Plett to see Springboks (10)

Instead of their normal rugby practice, Oakhill Prep rugby players were thrilled to spend the afternoon with the Springboks in Plett. They were fortunate enough to not only watch the squad’s first training practice, but also to get some autographs! Some of these happy boys were featured in a short clip on the George Herald […]

Spur Schools MTB Series


Oakhill cyclists participated for the first time as a school in the Spur Schools Series this past weekend. Oakhill placed 6th out of 11 schools, in a competitive and tight single track course prepared at Cairnbrogie Mountain bike track. Well done to cyclists Julian Bunge, Matthew Zwarts, James Armstrong and James Devine. Particularly well done to […]