Scholarships are awarded to children who excel in our Senior School entrance examination and interview and can be worth up to 50% of annual fees.  They are given at the Headmaster’s discretion and are normally valid for a pupil’s time at Oakhill College but they are subject to academic review. Further information on any of these scholarships is available from the Admissions Office.

The scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of performance in the Scholarship Examination usually written in February or March each year. Pupils in Grade 7 are invited to write the Scholarship Examination on the recommendation of their Prep School Head.

Written papers in English and Mathematics are based on Grade 6 work. Candidates will be expected to prepare a speech and be involved in a group facilitation involving thinking skills. They will also be interviewed by senior staff.

Scholarships are awarded predominantly on academic performance with the additional consideration of sport and other cultural activities. All awards are for the candidates’ whole College career, provided that conduct and diligence are satisfactory. The right to not make awards, or awards to the amount mentioned above, in any year, is reserved by the school.

Scholarship Application Form for Grade 8, 2017

Provisional Application Form

The Scholarship Process is as follows:

  • Submit Scholarship Application Form and Provisional Application Form before the Scholarship closing date on Wednesday, 22 February 2017
  • Invited Candidates to participate in the scholarship exams at 12h00 on Friday 3 March at Oakhill School
  • Thereafter, both Parents and Scholarship Candidates are invited to an evening function at 18h30 on Friday 3 March in the Oakhill School Hall
  • Feedback on the scholarship process can be anticipated before the end of March 2017
  • Acceptance of offers is due by April 2017